Letra da Música – Oficina G3 – Better

by Sidney on 21 de março de 2009

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Letra da música: Better

So blinded by my own desire
I blew out our loves first fire
A part of my
life has been wasted
By choosing to live recklessly

How did it come to this!?
But still your arms are wide open for me

You know I feel dirty

but you’ve filled your heart with my needs
My life is so broken
But you long to put me back together

How did it come to this!?
I can’t stand living without you near

Better is one day in your courts
Than a thousand elsewhere

I cry out for help ’cos
I lack the strength,
purpose to live
From all of the choices I’ll take the only one
That can change me deep within

How did it come to this!?
only you can help me,
you alone

I was enslaved by my heart
Then you broke the chains,
and freed me from all my pride
And now I’d rather live at your door
Than starve in the rotten wealth of this EARTH

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